Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been used since ancient times to heal and bring balance.

We are all aware that if we were to ingest minerals they would have an effect on the body, calcium for healthy bones, zinc for healthy skin, iron for the blood and so on, but how can placing a crystal on or around the body help to balance and heal it?

Science has shown that everyone and everything has an energy field, we are not just physical beings but emotional and spiritual beings too.

Our energy field extends out from our body and we emit energy and absorb energy around us.

Need proof? Have you ever stood in front of a radio and affected the signal either distorting it or making it clearer? Try it. This is because we emit radiation from our bodies.

Normally we can’t see this energy but it is there. Just as we cannot see radio waves or microwaves with the naked eye.

However, we can now use special software to photograph the energy fields around us and every living thing and believe it or not some highly sensitive individuals are able to discern these energy fields and auras without special cameras and software.

A crystal healing is usually a short treatment of up to 30 minutes , crystals will be placed on or around the body and during the healing you can simply relax and enjoy the lovely healing energy.

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