Therapist Under Construction!

3D render, composite, with freehand work of Tai Chi By The Sea

On the 26th November I shall be having my long awaited hip replacement, they can rebuild me… yippee! Obviously this means I shall be out of action for around 6 weeks whilst I recover and I may need to have phased return, particularly with regard to doing the more of my physically demanding therapies such as Massage. I may be more available to begin with for Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and  Healing work such as Reiki , which I can remain seated for! So when you look to book online you will find about 6 weeks from the 26th November blocked in the diary!

Please bear with me, I hope you will continue to book in prior to my operation and after my return, your custom means the world to me and I cannot wait to be feeling much more active and like my old self. Isn’t it wonderful that they can do such marvellous surgery now? Of course as with anything to do with me, the operation is not quite as straightforward as I would like. I am told my hip has probably always been a bit deformed. I never realised until it was x-rayed, I remember I could never sit cross legged as a child and this deformity has led to early osteoarthritis, I don’t expect my being a therapist and an enthusiastic dancer has helped either. Massage Therapists do have a limited shelf life, we work very hard to make our clients feel better and often end up with issues ourselves. I hope to continue with this work because it is my passion but as we get older so we have to think about adapting too! Can’t wait to get back on the dance floor either for a bit of hip grinding and head banging rock! LOL

,So don’t disappear, I will be back!

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